Offering Creative Solutions & Alternatives to Litigation

At The Fleischman Law Firm, we recognize that trials play a necessary and important role in our legal system. However, we know that Alternative Dispute Resolution provides a far more economical, effective, and efficient method for resolving disputes.

In my over 30 years of success as a litigator, judge, mediator, and arbitrator has proven to me that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) achieves a fair resolution for everyone involved. ADR saves time, money, emotion and considerable stress.

I have extensive experience in the settlement of every type of dispute, from personal injury to business and employment matters. We effectively resolve all types of professional malpractice, environmental and construction defect claims. Because our practice is limited solely to mediation and arbitration, we dedicate 100% of our time and effort to this endeavor. The claims we settle are simply too important to be relegated to anything other than specialized and sensitive expert handling by people with understanding and experience in the settlement of complicated and difficult matters.

At The Fleischman Law Firm, we believe that Alternative Dispute Resolution is noble work, nothing less than the glue that holds any civilization together. We are proud to contribute towards that goal on a daily basis.

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